Monday, 7 July 2014


As we mark the twenty fourth anniversary of the July seventh uprising (SabaSaba) that launched our struggle for return to pluralism in earnest, the Kenyan people should be excused if they resort to cynicism and apathy.

For a start, SabaSaba was not about Kanu renegades Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia as the compromised and complicit Kenya's mainstream media would like to sell it. It was about Kenya and Kenyans. These two were just the latest addition to the swelling number of brave Kenyan men and women who were standing up to the Moi-Kanu dictatorship to say ENOUGH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.They were adding to the voices of patriotic politicians like Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and George Moseti Anyona, who had gone ahead to attempt the registration of an alternative political party - Kenya Socialist Alliance; They were echoing the sounds raised by progressive clerics like John Henry Okullu, Alexander Kipsang' Muge, David Gitari and Timothy Njoya; they were fortifying the resolve of student activists like Mwandawiro Mghanga, Titus Adungosi, Oduor Ong'wen and Buke Wafula who were languishing in Kamiti and Naivasha Maximum Security Prisons for speaking truth to power. But Kudos to Matiba and Rubia for choosing the right side of history when they were rejected by their own in the 1988 Mlolongo (s)elections

The discredited Kenyan media has tried - ineffectually - to patent Saba Saba to some individuals, regions, communities and/or sectarian interests. Kenyans should dismiss this with plenty of contempt. SabaSaba is a manifestation of Kenyans' fighting spirit against dictatorship, oppression, repression, exploitation and social marginalization.  It embodies our struggle to retain our dignity as a people. SabaSaba is and will remain our rallying call against INJUSTICE in Kenya.

It is against this background that we use the eve of SabaSaba silver jubilee to launch this GUNDI LA HAKI ( Glue of Justice) to rededicate ourselves to the cry in our national anthem that Justice be our shield and defender.